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Corfu Summer Festivals 2020

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Corfu Summer Festivals 2020

Posted on: February 23rd, 2020

Words By: Tony Anderson

For those of you who really like going to outdoor festivals and celebrating with other liked minded people, Corfu is home to a variety of festivals during the summer season. Even though the list of festivals is big, we have selected the 3 most successful festivals that in our opinion you should consider going if you happen to be visiting the island during their launch.

Ecstatic Dance Festival Corfu 2020
Ecstatic Dance Festival 2020 In Corfu Greece

ECSTATIC DANCE FESTIVAL: In co-creation with the Ecstatic Dance scenes from all over the world, they form a beautiful program of 5 days and 6 nights with passionate international artists. Although they claim the title Festival, they only welcome around 270 dancers! This makes the whole experience unique and creates an intimate atmosphere with one amazing program. Everyday you have the opportunity to enjoy amazing Ecstatic Dance sets, join one of the dance workshops, morning movement, live music, sound healing, massage and more. The space is open for you to freely express who you are and let your body guide you, dance alone and with others, diving deeper into the dance everyday. The Ecstatic Dance Festival starts this summer on the 5th of July 2020 at 7pm and ends on the 10th of July 2020 at 10pm. For more information such as this year's program along with info on fees and more please visit the link below:

Helios Festival Corfu Greece
Helios Summer Festival 2020 In Corfu Greece

Helios Festival: This festival is now running its 9th year and has become extremely popular for ages between 18 to 35. Its success is not by luck but rather by its perfect organizing and execution as the festival merges together live Dj's, Musicians, Singers, Dancers and much much more. Its lighting and special effects really take the festival to another level. If we had to find another festival with similar atmosphere to compare it with than that would be Tomorrow Land. The Helios Festival starts this summer on the 11th of July 2020. For more information about the festival and tickets you can visit the link below:

Corfu Beer Festival In Arillas Corfu
Corfu Beer Festival 2020 | Corfu Meets Belgium

Corfu Beer Festival: This festival has become a staple event for the island of Corfu since it first launched in 2013. What started as a vision among a group of friends has become the most successful beer festival not just for Corfu but for the whole country. The Corfu Beer Festival has become a melting pot for people, cultures and products. Every year the festival co-operates with a foreign country to bring and introduce their culture and their products. This year the Corfu Beer Festival will be introducing culture and products from Belgium. This festival will last for 4 days and it kicks-off on the 23rd of September 2020 and ends on the 27th of September 2020. It will take place at the resort of Arillas in Corfu. For more information about the event please visit the link below:

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