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Details: Whilst on holiday there are all sorts of medical needs that might occur, whether it is something small like a rash, a sunburn, insect bites or something more serious like cuts, fractures or even a severe accident, Corfu medical services is a high level medical firm with 5 locations throughout the Kavos resort, ready 24-7 to provide you with the assistance that you need, all major travel insurances are accepted. If you happen to be reading this page because you need medical assistance, their emergency contact numbers are:

(+30) 2662061090

(+30) 6936490848

(+30) 6932665280

Visit Corfu Medical Services website for more details and online appointment bookings, just click the button bellow.

Home / 24-7 Medical Assistance Kavos Corfu

24-7 Medical Assistance | Kavos Corfu

Click "see map" button to view a map with the 5 locations of Corfu Medical Services In the Kavos Resort

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