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Paxos featured in Hit TV Series

Posted on: February 27th, 2023
Words By: Tony Anderson

During your holidays there are moments where you feel like having a daily excursion to a nearby hot spot, an escape from the resort for sightseeing and exploration. While there are many excursions to nearby places of interest, the most popular excursion by far is that to the island of Paxos. The golden sandy beaches, the crystal turquoise waters and the natural landscape are among the many reasons why tourists and celebrities visit this island during the summer.

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But the island of Paxos has not captivated just tourists and celebrities but also the producers of this years hit tv series Maestro which is written, directed and starred by Christoforos Papakaliatis. Maestro was originally produced for Greek TV channel Mega but the popular streaming platform Netflix recently bought the worldwide rights of the hit drama series. It will premiere worldwide for the first time early in 2023.


Maestro is a drama series that focuses on a 40+ year old music teacher that decides during covid 19 to travel to a small Greek island so he can setup a music festival but quickly finds him self entangled with a younger woman. Check out Maestro trailer below. 

More information about Paxos or other hot spots can be found in our trips and excursions section here on Party Abroad.

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