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Sean Kingston To Be Featured As Main Act At Kavos Live Festival Held At Atlantis Beach Venue - Kavos News And Blog

Kavos Live With US Artist Sean Kingston

Posted on: July 8th, 2018

Words By: Tony Anderson

Kavos Live Festival is only a week away from lift-off and is set for a huge success after it's organizers (My Kavos Holidays) secured US artist Sean Kingston as it's main Act. Atlantis Beach Venue will be hosting the festival in its giant outdoor arena.

Major Act For Kavos Live Will Be US Artist Sean Kingston - Kavos News And Blog - Kavos Events - Kavos Festival
The Biggest Event Of Summer 2018 For Kavos Corfu - Sean Kingston Performs Live At Festival Held At Atlantis Beach Venue
Kavos Live To Feature US Artist Sean Kingston As Main Act At Atlantis Beach Venue

Sean Kingston is a Jamaican–American singer, rapper, songwriter, and record producer. He became famous after the release of his first album ‘Sean Kingston’ in 2007. Kingston is known for his hard lyrics, a result of his homelessness and his difficult childhood. He has shared the stage with Pitbull, Trick Daddy, Nicky Minage, Justin Bieber, Ludacris and many more.

US Artist Sean Kingston Only One Week Away From His Major Performance At Kavos Live Held At Atlantis Beach Venue

His second single, ‘Beautiful Girls,’ was a huge hit. In 2009, he released his sophomore album, ‘Tomorrow,’ which featured the singles ‘Fire Burning,’ ‘Face Drop,’ and ‘My Girlfriend.’ In 2013, he released a single which had him performing with Nicki Minaj. His music has been appreciated by his fans and by the entire music industry and has earned him several awards and nominations.

Kavos Live Festival A Major Success After Securing Sean Kingston As Its Main Act - Atlantis Beach Venue - Kavos News - Kavos Festivals And Events

With a musical bloodline that includes Jamaican legendary producer Jack Ruby as his grandfather, it’s no wonder Sean was able to introduce a new genre where rap, reggae, pop, doo-wop and remarkable songwriting all combine into something totally refreshing.

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Home / Blog / Arch / 2018 / Sean Kingston

Don't miss out on the biggest music festival this summer ! Kavos Live Festival 2018 will be happening on three different dates. First festival will happen on Monday the 16th of July, Second Festival will happen on Monday the 23rd of July and Third Festival will happen on Thursday the 6th of August.

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