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Details: Party Abroad is happy that for the summer of 2022, Subway will be our proud sponsor, with so many events to cover and articles to write, the Kavos Branch of Subway will be the one fueling our bodies with healthy meals throughout the day ! With our energy been drained from covering every event like the Sandstorm Beach Party, The Baywatch Pool Party, The notorious Sunset Boat Party and above all the nightlife in the bars of Kavos, Subway made sure to take care of our hunger with their amazing Big Beef Melts and BBQ Chicken Subs !! With so much stress and hangovers that we go through, eating fresh and healthy is the only way to keep up with Kavos. The Subway branch in Kavos locally sources all it's vegetables from the island and that is definitely a win in our book. If you happen to visit them whilst in Kavos, don't forget to try their freshly baked cookies, they are simply amazing.

Home / Subway Kavos 2022 | Proud Sponsor

Subway Kavos 2022 | Proud Sponsor

Click "see map" button to view a map with the location of Subway in Kavos Corfu.

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