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About us

For the last 30 years we have been operating on the island as Travel Agents. The creation of Party Abroad™ enabled us to transfer our love for the island to the rest of the world. Our boots are on the ground, we write blogs, report live news and are at the heart of everything. We see and interact with everyone and will definitely see you too. Our editorial team at Party Abroad™ strives at keeping everyone informed and covers a great number of subjects about life on the island.


What Party Abroad™ stands for to us is people travelling beyond the seas to celebrate life. Party is a word that describes the celebration of life and having that celebration on the island with us is heartwarming. We claim the word official underneath our brand, we do this in order to distinguish our selves from the rest because no one else lives and breaths the island like we do and we actually live on the island and don't operate our website remotely like the rest.


Our company is registered in the UK but we are physically present on the island with a professionally staffed office. We are passionate about bringing people together and showing them a good time which is also why we have such an extensive list on vip services, private charters, stag/hen parties and weddings. Our goal is helping people achieve their dreams and giving them memories that will last forever.

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