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Details: Party Abroad is happy that for the summer of 2023 Pulse will be our Proud Sponsor! Running around the resort throughout the summer to cover parties, events and happenings can be tiresome so a getaway, a place to relax and regroup is necessary. This summer Pulse will be the place that we hangout, unwind and recharge our batteries. Pulse is the perfect place for you too, an All Day Bar and Club with full size bowling lanes. A place where you can relax with your friends, watch sports, play games and have amazing cocktails or draught beers. Pulse can be so much more when the sun sets as it turns into a club! Its superb lighting and decoration makes it a great place for you to start your night out or even finish it! Whether its a relaxing morning, a playful afternoon or a fun evening out, Pulse has got you covered.

Home / Pulse Kavos 2024 | Proud Sponsor

Pulse Kavos 2024 | Proud Sponsor

Click "see map" button to view a map with the location of Pulse in Kavos Corfu.

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