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Boat Details: The Coastal Cruiser is the perfect boat to enjoy a day out exploring the Kavos coastline, neighboring lagoons and private beaches, this baby is 4.5 meters long and it does not require a skippers licence, it has a 5 passenger capacity (1 driver and 4 passengers) and these boats are modified with a steering wheel so they are very easy to drive, the company experts will make you feel comfortable and show you the ropes on how to use, its engine has a max horse power of 20hp, the company's policy on fuel is no different than renting a car or motorbike which means that you need to purchase what ever amount of fuel you will need, fuel costs 2.50 euros per liter. Your rental time starts in the morning, the rental company picks you up at 10:00am from your accommodation and takes you to the marina, after you are shown the ropes you can enjoy your adventure out at sea, you will have to be back at the marina on or before 18:00pm, your rental time including your transfer is 8 hours approximately. A dedicated rescue team is always standing by for help, price includes third party insurance, life saving gear, handling lessons and transfer from your accommodation to the marina with return.
Extra Details: Fuel prices are volatile and subject to change.


Boat Size: 4.5m.

Motor: 20hp engine.

People Capacity: 5.

Pickup at: 10:00am.

Return at: 18:00pm Aprox.

Online Price: £159

Location: Kavos Corfu.

The Driver Will Need

His/Her Drivers Licence.

Be 25 years old or over.

Your booking voucher in print.

Free transfer from your accommodation to the marina with return, insurance, handling lessons, life saving equipment and a dedicated rescue team on standy all included in the price.

We operate a no-quibble refund policy. You can cancel for any reason up to 48 hours prior to the boat's lease date & time that is stated on your booking voucher. Terms and conditions apply.

Kavos Corfu Boat Rentals | Coastal C
Kavos Corfu Boat Rentals | Coastal C

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Important Information

Renting a boat is an exciting experience but it is also very weather dependant ! The boat rental company holds the right to cancel your booking if the weather puts the boat and it's passengers in danger ! If you find your self in the unlucky possition of your boat rental been canceled, you can either reschedule a new date with the boat rental company or you can apply for a refund from us.

Home / Rentals / Boats / Coastal Cruiser

Coastal Cruiser | Kavos Boat Rentals 2024

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