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Details: The Crazy Sofa is a new towable tube and very popular among larger groups, its fits comfortably eight passengers but this is not your regular SOFA !! That relaxing experience you get at home with a glass of wine on your sofa isint exactly whats instore here !! The title Crazy Sofa should give you some pointers but check out the videos on youtube and see what its all about !!
Extra Details:
 The watersport management has pickup point locations within the resort of Kavos from which you are picked up and returned to. Please do not forget to provide us with your accommodation's name so we can direct you to the nearest pickup point to you.

Schedule: Everyday

Opens: 10:00am.
Closes: 18:00pm.
Ride Duration: 15min.
Online Price: £18
Venue: Kavos Water Sports.
Location: Kavos Corfu.

Important Information

We operate a no-quibble refund policy. You can cancel for any reason up to 48 hours prior to the departure. Terms and conditions apply.

Kavos Crazy Sofa - Kavos Watersports - Kavos Beach Life - Kavos Summer - Kavos Activities
Kavos Crazy Sofa - Kavos Watersports
Kavos Crazy Sofa - Kavos Watersports
Kavos Crazy Sofa - Kavos Watersports

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This activity is weather dependent ! The Watersports management holds the right to cancel the activity if it puts your life in risk ! If you find your self in the unlucky position of your activity been canceled, you can either reschedule a new date with the management or you can apply for a refund from us.

Home / Activities / Watersports / Crazy Sofa

Crazy Sofa | Kavos Watersport | 2024

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