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Details: Discover the capital of the island, visit the heart of Corfu or Kerkyra as the Greeks would say and see why the British Royals used Corfu as their summer retreat during the British colonization era ! Explore the Corfu market that is filled with products from every corner of the world and walk through the narrow streets of the old town that derive their architecture from the Venetian era. Corfu town is not your regular city and has been classified from Unesco as a world heritage. Corfu is the epicenter for music, fashion and arts in the Ionian sea and Greek and international celebrities like actors, singers and fashion designers have their summer homes there. Corfu is a hub for the LGBT community and a plethora of small cafes and fine restaurants are scattered throughout the city. On this trip you will be transferred by coach to Corfu town and dropped off at the cosmopolitan landmark Liston Square, from there you are free to discover Corfu on your own and spend your time the way you want to.

More Details:
 This excursion can be enjoyed either in the morning or the afternoon.

Please don't forget in the booking section to fill out your accommodations name, the TRANSFER service needs to know which pickup point it will be picking you up from.

Morning: Tue, Thu & Sat.

Kavos Corfu Trip Duration.png
Kavos Corfu Trip Duration.png

Depart at: 09:45am.
Returned at: 16:30pm.
Duration: 7H.
Online Price: £22
Depart Location: Kavos Corfu.

Evening: Tue, Thu & Fri.

Kavos Corfu Trip Duration.png
Kavos Corfu Trip Duration.png

Depart at: 17:30pm.
Returned at: 23:00pm.
Duration: 6H.
Online Price: £22
Depart Location: Kavos Corfu.

Wether it is big brands or rising designers Corfu town is the epicenter for fashion & arts in the Ionian and a hub for the LGBT community.

Explore Corfu's cafe's, restaurants and experience gastronomy from local and international chefs.

We operate a no-quibble refund policy. You can cancel for any reason up to 48 hours prior to the departure. Terms and conditions apply.

Click "see map" button to view a map with all the pickup points throught Kavos.

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Important Information

Once you have arrived at the dropoff (Liston Square) the bus driver will instruct you what time you need to be back at that location so that they can transfer you back to Kavos.

Home / Trips / Discover Corfu

Discover Corfu | 2024

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