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Details: Every Wednesday and Sunday visit the most popular place of the coast of Kavos with this brand new Glass Bottom Boat. Visit amazing places such as Antipaxos, Lakka Bay, Gaios, The Caves, Voutoumi Beach and much much more. Paxos is a favorite place for celebrities and the super rich and amazing yachts and super boats can be spotted throughout the summer. Experience breathtaking scenery above and below the ocean and discover the hidden gems of the ocean floor. A newly built boat with an amazing glass bottom feature gives a different perspective to the whole trip. A secure a comfortable way to visit all the picturesque places across the Kavos coastline. Boat Capacity is 80 persons which makes this trip ideal with not to few and not to many participants as with other traditional boats. Great crew and staff with 30 years experience in boat cruises.

Schedule: This excursion runs every Wednesday and Sunday.

Schedule: Wed & Sun.

Kavos Corfu Trip Duration.png
Kavos Corfu Trip Duration.png

Departs:   09:30am.

Returns:    16:30pm.

Duration:  7H.

Online Price: £40

Depart Location: Kavos Corfu.


Paxos, Antipaxos & Caves.

Voutoumi Beach.

Vrikka Beach.

Important Information

This Trip is weather dependant ! Captain holds the right to change the visit order of the locations mentioned or to even cancel the trip if it puts the crew and passengers in danger ! If you find your self in the unlucky possition of your trip been canceled, you can either reschedule a new trip with the captain or you can apply for a refund from us.

Snorkeling gear and leasons provided. Swimming & snorkeling are not mandatory.

We operate a no-quibble refund policy. You can cancel for any reason up to 48 hours prior to the departure. Terms and conditions apply.

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Above & beneath the water picture taking and video recordings with GoPro for all customers !

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Glass Bottom Cruise To Paxos

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