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Details: If you like to explore the resort without the hassle of finding parking spaces, petrol stations and off course driving licences then an electric scooter is the obvious option for you. The segway Ninebot is an amazing electric scooter that is light, travels 35km on a single charge and comes with a top speed of 25km per hour.
Single Day Rental: A day starts at 10:00am and finishes at 22:00pm the same day.
Two Or More: If renting for more than one day then the shop will supply you with all the necessary charging equipment. The Ninebot takes 6 hours to charge from 0 to 100 percent.
Pricing: £30 per day.


Store Opens: 10:00am.
Store Closes: 10:00pm.
Rental Price: £30 Per Day.
Company: Fancy Dress Shop.
Location: Kavos Corfu.

What you need

Your booking voucher in print.

Important Information

Drive safely and responsively, don't drink and drive, follow the local driving rules, always wear your helmet and other gear offered by the rental company.

We operate a no-quibble refund policy. You can cancel for any reason up to 7 days prior to the stated starting date on your booking voucher. Terms and conditions apply.

Click "see map" button to view a map with the Fancy Dress store location in Kavos.

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