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Cillian Hayes Scuba Diving Deposit 2019

Cillian Hayes Scuba Diving Deposit 2019

This Deposit Is for:

Scuba Diving For 2 Persons on Sun 11th August 2019.

Customers Location:

Chandris apartments.

Customers Contact Number:


Cillian Hayes Scuba Diving Deposit 2019

  • 1) The Scuba Instructor will meet you on Saturday the 10th of August at your Hotel's reception or pool side between 3pm and 5pm for a small 30 minute interview.

    2) On Sunday the 11th of August the scuba instructor will pick you up from your accommodation and transfer you to the diving site. Once done the scuba instructor will bring you back at your accommodation.

    3) On Sunday the 11th of August, before or after your dive you can pay the remaining amount of money for your scuba diving (80 euros local currency) directly to the scuba instructor.

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