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Details: This Event has been Discontinued.

Every Saturday

Doors open: 01:00am.

Online Price: £140

Venue: Club Venue

Location: Kavos Corfu.

VIP Service

One Table

Admission UP to 4 People.

0.7cl Bottle of your choice.


Important Information

Event organizers hold the right to make alterations to this event ! If conditions or other unforeseeable circumstances cause this event to cancel then you can arrange with the event organizers to attend another event or you can apply for a refund from us. The event organizers can exclude or disqualify participants that are disrespectful or violent towards event staff or other participants at this event. If you happen to be disqualified for the reasons mentioned above Party Abroad cannot issue you a refund.

We operate a no-quibble refund policy. You can cancel for any reason up to 48 hours prior to the event. Terms and conditions apply.

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Club Venue Kavos - Frat Party - Kavos Club Event - Nightlife Kavos Corfu
Frat Party Club Venue - Kavos Nightlife - Kavos Club Event
VIP Tables Frat Party Venue Kavos

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Home / VIP / Tables-Cabanas / Frat Party

VIP Tables | Frat Party 2017

Click "see map" button to view a map with the events venue location in Kavos.

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