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About Hen Parties: The roots of the pre-wedding hen party tradition in the UK started in the 1970s as an expression of sexual freedom. In the 1970s women were made to look like a parody of a bride in their workplace whilst colleagues celebrated the marriage to-be. Messages with sexual innuendos were tied onto the bride’s coat before she was paraded around the local pub, an extraordinary sight by the social standards of the times. The celebration often focused on the women’s relinquishment of work and her entry into domesticity and motherhood. Through the 70s and 80s the hen party continued to gain popularity, along with the rise of gender equality and sexual freedom. More & more brides wanted a party to match bachelors’ pre-wedding festivities. Now hen parties range from afternoon teas, to glam holidays abroad, & while they don’t celebrate the end of your working life, they are an opportunity to get your family & friends together for a big bridal blow-out!

Kavos Corfu Hen Parties - Kavos Pre-wedding Parties - Kavos Corfu Hen Weekends - Hen Weekends in Gre
Kavos Hen Weekends - Corfu Hen Weekends - Kavos Hen Party - Corfu Hen Party
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Kavos Corfu Stag Parties - Luxury Villas - Best Stag Party Ideas And Resources in Kavos and Corfu
Kavos Stag Party Transportation

Hen Ideas

Ideas: By nature, women prioritize matters differently than men, the accommodation and transportation are very important choices for women and we have the largest portfolio of accommodations starting from 3* apartments to luxury villas on the island of Corfu and Kavos. No matter the budget we can offer great choices and flexibility to suit anyones need. As for transportation, imagine you arrive at a busy airport with all your makeup on, temperature at 40c and a hectic hell with every taxi taken ! Why put your selves through such a stressful arrival ? let us take care of the transfer to your accommodation by providing you with a luxury car such as a Mercedes or if you are a large group we can provide a VIP minibus. Party Abroad is a company built by former travel agents with 30 years of history on the island of Corfu, we have the experience and the resources to make your hen party a great success.

Hen Activities

Activities: The options available are many and choosing which ones are up to you with some help from us offcourse. If seeking an adventurous hen weekend then why not go on a quad adventure where you will get to see the beautiful countryside of Kavos and it's beaches whilst you test your quad driving abilities in an offroad enviroment? Or how about a ride with the popular crazy speedboat, an adventurous ride where you get to see neighboring islands and beaches whilst the captain gets all of you wet with his insane maneuvering? Then again if you are seeking something more relaxed, a trip to paxos, a beautiful island with crystal clear waters and golden sandy beaches, here local and international celebrities also visit for there summer holidays. How does an exploration of Corfu town sound? Here you will find cool boutiques, fine restaurants, small cafe's and vibrant bars that make anyone with a finer taste in life feel like they are in heaven.

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The Best Ride Excursion In Kavos Corfu The Crazy Speedboat Ex Military Vessel Open To Public Online
Kavos Hen Weekends - Corfu Hen Weekends - Kavos Hen Party - Corfu Hen Party - Kavos Hen Excursions
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Kavos hed weekends - Kavos hen party planners - kavos hen organisers
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Hen Services

Services: Even though Kavos and the island of Corfu have a very vibrant nightlife and for that we can provide you with entrance tickets to all the major club events and performances, this island is also blessed with the mediterranean view and beach venues that offer tranquillity and relaxation. Let us arrange for you a VIP cabana where you can relax as you soak-up the sun whilst sipping your drinks or have beauticians and a hair stylist pamper you like queens at your accommodation before a wild night out in town? Do you fancy a naughty night at the strip club with a male performance that will leave you breathless? how about a feet pampering day at the fish spa where your toes will feel like their in heaven? does a luxury yacht at your disposal to sait sail to where your hearts desire sound like a dream? let us make your dreams come true, we can organise anything given the right budget and let you enjoy the moments and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Home / VIP / Kavos Hen Parties

Kavos Hen Parties

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