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About Weddings: So he popped the question and you said YES! Now the most important day of your married life needs to be as perfect as the love that bonds you with your soulmate. Your dream of a Greek island wedding led you here and you are looking for the perfect location to celebrate that moment. The island of Corfu & the resort of Kavos are truly amazing with their natural beauty and picking a location for your ceremony and after party will be a task we are glad to undertake. Our resources will give you extensive options to choose from thus making your dream wedding a reality. Are you looking for a romatic ceremony on the golden sandy beach whilst viewing the mediterranean sea ? or are you dreaming of a wedding on a hilltop overlooking Corfu's beautifull coastline ? The Island of Corfu has become popular for weddings over the last years and rightfully so as the islands beauty transcends romance and love in the hearts of its visitors.

Corfu Wedding Planning - My Greek Wedding - Kavos Corfu Wedding Ceremonies
Kavos Panoramic View
Kavos Corfu Wedding Ceremonies - Corfu Wedding Planning - My Greek Wedding
Kavos Corfu Wedding Ceremonies - Corfu Wedding Planning - My Greek Wedding - My Big Fat Greek Weddin
Kavos Wedding
Kavos Corfu Wedding Hair Stylists - Kavos Corfu Beauticians
Kavos Corfu Wedding Cake Services - Kavos Corfu Boutique Cake Makers
Kavos Corfu Wedding Photographer

Wedding Services

Services: Party Abroad is here to offer you every available service to make your wedding the most memorable moment of your life. After you have decided on the locations for the ceremony and the banquet, it is time to make some serious decisions on ceremony and banquet decorations, catering menu for the banquet, entertainment, hair stylists and beauticians, car hire - wedding cars, photographer and last but not least your wedding cake ! For many people, planning a wedding isint an easy task, our philosophy at Party Abroad is by following a clear plan and using the right people who are creative and passionate about weddings. After 30 years on the island of Corfu we have selected which wedding services bring amazing results and we are here to share our knowledge with you so that your wedding is a pleasurable experience and a beloved memory.

Wedding Entertainment

Entertainment: A wedding is always something special, so why not celebrate it in style with wedding entertainment to keep your guests entertained all afternoon and right through the night too! The sun always shines on our island and you can easily make your special day sizzle with delightful outdoor entertainment for all your guests before moving indoors for more fun! Nightlife and entertainment is one of our fields of expertise, given our good relationship with DJs, musicians, dancers and art performers, we can provide you with multiple acts to choose from. While music and dancing are classic features of the everyday reception, you shouldn’t feel obliged to only include them for your entertainment, it’s your day so don’t be afraid to add a little creativity to the mix, after all  sometimes it’s the most unconventional ideas that are the most fun! We have plenty of ideas that we can share with you.

Kavos Wedding Entertainment - Corfu Wedding Musicians
Kavos Performance Artists - Corfu Art Performers
Kavos DJ Hire - Kavos Corfu DJ Bookings For Weddings Events
Kavos Belly Dancer - Kavos Corfu Performers Hiring
Kavos Corfu Concierge Services
Kavos Corfu Concierge Services
Kavos Corfu Concierge Services
Kavos Corfu Concierge Services Doctors Appointments

Wedding Concierge

Concierge Services: During a wedding event a concierge is always needed to take care everyones needs, among his duties are arranging airport transfers, restaurant reservations, hotel bookings, nanny services, scheduling an emergency doctor appointment and giving you and your guests advice about everything on the island of Corfu. Having a concierge will ensure swift and effective dealing of issues tha might surface. Let Party Abroad arrange for you a coincierge so that you can continue to celebrate with your friends and family without needing to deal with all the extra duties.

Home / VIP / Kavos Wedding

Kavos Wedding

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