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Corfu Airport Refurbishment 2020

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Corfu Airport Refurbishment 2020

Posted on: February 23rd, 2020

Words By: Tony Anderson

Ever since Fraport took over the management of Corfu Airport they have been making adjustments and fine tuning in order to make it more efficient and the experience of it's visitors more pleasant. Last year though the company made it's biggest decision by investing huge capital to expand the airport.

Corfu Airport Gets Refurbished
Corfu Aiport News 2020
Corfu Airport Expansion

If you did visit Corfu Airport during the summer of 2019 then you would remember the hassle and confusion as the company started its refurbishment and expansion whilst trying to cater to flights throughout the year. Those days are now gone as the company finished it's project on the 23rd of February 2020.

Corfu Airport New Terminal
Corfu Airport Gets Major Facelift
Corfu Airport Gets Refurbished

Now Corfu Airport is up to date and the experience of it's visitors should be more than just pleasant as it's expansion has given the airport an extra terminal whilst the old terminal received a massive face lift. The outdoor green areas have now vanished in order to make traffic for arrivals and departures more spacious and plenty of extra space to house coaches for the holiday companies that operate on the island.

Corfu Airport News

Though the baggage lanes have become smaller than before and received negative criticism from the local authorities, the company stated that they have become more efficient despite their smaller foot print. Another area that received a massive refurbishment was the lounge and food court by doubling the size and number of stores. The company also stated that by growing this size now the airport can truly cater to all it's visitors unlike before where people had to queue for a bottle of water.

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