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Where Should I Stay In Kavos ?

Posted on: February 23rd, 2020

Words By: Tony Anderson

Kavos has plenty of accommodations to choose from and picking one can be troublesome for many. Many factors will definitely sway your decision in picking the right one for you and we are here to shed some light on key features, quality and location of some of the most popular accommodations in the resort.

Traboukos Kavos Hotel Complex
Kavos Hotels Traboukos Beach Complex
Beach Hotel Kavos Traboukos

Trabukos Beach Complex: If you are looking for a no comprise place to stay whilst in Kavos then this place should be on the top of your list. Located perfectly right in the heart of Kavos busiest strip with quick access to the most famous bars and clubs but also offering an amazing view of the Kavos coastline and beach front. Restaurants, bars, clubs and supermarkets are a breath away but besides it's super location this accommodation also offers top quality rooms that have been recently refurbished. For more info about this accommodation and bookings please visit this link: Trabukos Beach Complex

Ekati Mare Hotel Kavos Corfu.jpg
Ekati Hotel Kavos Corfu.jpg
Ekati Mare Kavos Hotel.jpg
Ekati Mare Hotel In Kavos.jpg

Ekati Mare Hotel: This accommodation is highly popular among many age groups. It's rooms scream quality and it is highly rated on every booking platform. It's location is ideal as it is extremely close to the heart of Kavos for easy access to the resort's most popular shops but also not too close to be annoyed by the vibrant nightlife and everything that comes with it. For those of you that love swimming you will definitely love it's Olympic size swimming pool. For more info about this accommodation please visit this link: Ekati Mare Hotel


Odysseus & Agnes: For those of you that want a beach front accommodation without splashing out huge cash, this is the place for you. Perfectly located right by the Kavos main strip with close access to all the main attractions, this accommodation has all the basic amenities with a price tag that would attract many. For more information about this accommodation and bookings please visit this link: Odysseus & Agnes

Panoramic View Kaparis Barn Complex Kavos
Kaparis Barn Beach Complex Kavos Corfu
Barn Beach Complex Kavos.jpg
Kavos Accommodations The Barn Beach Complex

The Barn: Located 600 ft from the beach and situated in the resort's restaurant strip, this accommodation offers excellent nights in whilst you stay in Kavos. Many of it's amenities such as on site ATM, free wifi, air con, sat television, restaurant and a bar with live weekly shows makes this an amazing place stay. It's recent refurbishment will make most of it's previous customers envy. For more info about this accommodation please visit this link: The Barn Complex

Morfeas Hotel In Corfu Kavos.jpg
Morfeas Hotel Kavos Corfu.jpg
Morfeas Hotel In Kavos Corfu
Morfeas Hotel Kokinia Kavos.jpg

Morfeas Hotel: Are you looking for a place that ticks every box ? An accommodation that is neither too far or too close to all the action ? Somewhere that you could still have a quiet sleep in but not too far from the vibrant Kavos nightlife ? This is the place that will cover all of that and more. Situated at the outskirts of Kavos but still close enough to not need a cab. Every amenity you would need is offered. An amazing pool and lounge area and many green surroundings will make your stay tranquil. Besides location and covering all the amenities, Morfeas Hotel does do amazing Poolside BBQs and fun Greek Nights that you will enjoy if you decide to stay in. The staff is among the friendliest and always go out their way to help every person staying there. For more information about this accommodation and bookings please visit this link: Morfeas Hotel

Erofili Hotel Kavos Corfu - Kavos Rooms
Erofili Hotel - Kavos Corfu Hotels - Kav
Asprokavos Hotels - Erofili Hotel Kavos
Places To Stay In Kavos Corfu - Kavos Hotels

Erofili Hotel: If tranquility and peace at your place of stay are paramount for you then this hotel is by far the best choice for you to make. This hotel is situated in Asprokavos which is about half a mile from Kavos. A relaxing and quiet place with plenty of green and nature surroundings, all the amenities from a modern hotel with good quality rooms. Nearby you will find a supermarket, a travel office and the best water sports on the resort. Waking to Kavos will take you roughly 15 minutes and if returning from a night out we would suggest to do it with a taxi. For more information about this accommodation and bookings please visit this link: Erofili Hotel

Kavos Rooms - Kavos Hotels - Kavos Accommodations
Hotels Kavos Corfu - Olympion Village
Kavos Accomodation - Olympion Village Hotel
Olympion Village Hotel In Kavos Corfu

Olympion Village: Last but not least this superb accommodation even though located close to the heart of of Kavos, it offers peace and security. This complex is gated and only staff and visitors are allowed access. With its very close proximity to all the major attractions but also its good quality rooms it makes it really hard to say no. It has large grounds for games and sports, free wifi, lounge, restaurant, bar, room service, laundry service, kids area and an Olympic size swimming pool. The staff also organize weekly events like Greek Nights. For more information about this accommodation please visit this link: Olympion Village

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