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Top Excursions To Do In Kavos

Posted on: March 18th, 2022
Words By: Tony Anderson

Whilst Kavos is full of experiences and can keep anyone busy during their stay, there is plenty of excursions running everyday of the week and some of them are a must do.

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The Blue Lagoon is by far the most popular excursion and rightfuly so, it is so popular that excursions for the Blue Lagoon run on an everyday basis and still you might find yourself left out when trying to book tickets last minute. On this excursion you visit the areas of Blue Lagoon, Mourtos Island, The Caves, some sandy beaches and the traditional fishing village of Syvota in Greek mainland.

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Another popular excursion is the one to Paxos and Anti-Paxos islands. These locations are not only visited by companies running excursions but also by the ultra rich or worldwide celebrities. Throughout the summer many prestige boats and superyachts can be seen here. It is a very popular excursion as it combines 5 different locations all situated close to each other, Paxos, Anti-Paxos, the 3 caves, Voutoumi Beach and Vrikka Beach.

Kavos Speedboat rentals bookings reservations online tickets to paxos with the black pearl

If any of these excursions interest you and you would like to read more about them they can be found here on PartyAbroad in our Trips and Excursions section.

Home / Blog / Arch / 2022 / Top Excursions

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