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Vehicle Rental Update 2022

Posted on: March 17th, 2022
Words By: Tony Anderson

Given the current situation with the war in Ukraine and the fuel crisys in Europe due to sanctions imposed on Russian Gas and Oil, vehicle rentals in Europe are awaiting for a stabilization of the fuel market.

Europe's Fossil Fuel Crisys 2022.jpg
Global Fossil Fuel Crisys 2022.jpg
Fuel Prices Rise Globaly 2022.jpg

Goverments around Europe with schemes and grants are trying to mitigate the sharp rise in fuel costs and so is Greece with a plethora of helpful schemes that were introduced last week.

Kymco ATV 100cc Kavos Quad Rentals.jpg
Ford Fiesta 1200cc.jpg
Buggy 03.jpg

After our brief discussion with our vehicle supliers on the island, we understood that normality in the local fuel market will have been reached by the end of this month, March 2022. If you are reading this article and happen to be interested in renting a vehicle, please be patient till the end of this month which is when we will have a more clear view of the vehicle rental prices.

Home / Blog / Arch / 2022 / Rental Update

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