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Oriental Fusion at the Golden Courser | Chinese and Thai Restaurant At Kavos Corfu | The Golden Courser Kavos Corfu

Oriental fusion at the Golden Courser

Posted on: March 23, 2017

Words By: Tony Anderson

The longest running oriental restaurant on the island of Corfu, the Golden Courser has been a landmark restaurant for the resort of Kavos, the brand was established in 1987 by a family that is passionate about oriental & asian cuisine. The Golden Courser has served thousands of guests over the years, among those many local celebrities and former politicians that have had the joy of experiencing their unique dishes. The restaurant is situated in the district of Kokkinia in Kavos Corfu.

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The Golden Courser Restaurant Kavos | Chinese And Thai | Kavos Quality Restaurants | Kavos Fine Dining | Oriental Food Kavos Corfu

Chinese cuisine has a tremendous range of flavors and styles. Whatever your mood is, there’s something that satisfies everyone. It’s based on color, taste, and aroma, it is beautiful to the eye, fragrant and it offers up flavors that will suit virtually anyones palate. The restaurant's chef, Mr. Wu, works his magic eveynight, one of his main secrets that he disclosed with us is "Chinese dishes start from a common foundation, Garlic, chili, and ginger which often are called the holy trinity of Chinese cooking."

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Kavos Quality Restaurants | Oriental Cuisine Kavos Corfu | Golden Courser Chinese And Thai

Even though chef Wu has a recipe from every corner of China, that was not enough for the chef, he constantly evolves his recipes and cooking techniques which is why the restaurant has been around for 3 decades ! Chef Wu now is taking us on a bud-tasting journey to Thailand with his Chinese and Thai fusion and we are more then happy to go on this trip with him.

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No matter how much data we input into this blog about the Golden Courser, we can not do it justice, the experience you get from seeing, smeling and tasting their unique recipes is something you can only do instore. Do we recommend ? YES.

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