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Snobs Bar Kavos | The Interview with Waseem Itani | Inside scoop from Snobs Bar For Summer 2017 | Plans and Goals For 2017 Season For Snobs In Kavos | New Management In Snobs Bar Kavos Corfu

An Interview With Waseem, Part Of The New Management Team At Snobs

Posted on: June 4, 2017

Words By: Tony Anderson

The season has finally kicked off and everyone has geared up for this summer, among many of the popular bars on the High Street of Kavos, Snobs Bar has been under our radar for some time now, the one and only Urban Venue on the resort is under new management this year which we wanted to meet and learn more about them and their plans for Snobs.

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Waseem, David & Andre are the new A Team of Snobs, they come from a background of hospitality and have previously managed bars and clubs across London and the Middle East, their goal is to make their stamp on Snobs and ensure that all the locals, tourists & workers have a blast whilst they're at Snobs! Waseem was happy to give us an interview, an inside scoop about what he and his team have in-store for us this summer, they have quite a few ideas and from the looks of the place they have made some major improvements.

Snobs Bar Renovations | Snobs Bar 2017 | Snobs Bar Facelift | Snobs Bar Ready For The Summer | Kavos 2017 Bars | The Interview with Waseem Itani From Snobs Bar Kavos
Snobs Bar Renovations | Snobs Bar 2017 | Snobs Bar Facelift | Snobs Bar Ready For The Summer | Kavos 2017 Bars | The Interview with Waseem Itani From Snobs Bar Kavos
Snobs Bar Kavos Corfu - An interview with Waseem Itani - Snobs Bar The Rise To Fame - If You Dont Know Get To Know - It Is What It Is

Waseem and his team are proud of the facelift they have given the whole venue and mentioned that they have added new lighting and equipment which we will see when they are up and running. We sat down with Waseem and ran a series of questions about all the things we wanted to know and Waseem was more than happy to answer them.

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Question: Jason P & Reality? are returning as your resident DJ's this summer, can you tell us why you chose them?

Answer: Yes this is a hot topic... Jason P alongside Reality? (James) are back! It has taken a lot of careful planning and logistics from meetings we have held together all over the UK! But now, we're ready and we're going to give you a summer like never before! Both of the guys have their own unique sets of skills & expertise, collaboratively they make a great duo! We've got a lot planned, announcements coming shortly!

Ghetto Gentz - Snobs Bar - Kavos Events - Snobs Bar Interview - Kavos 2017
Project K - Snobs Bar Kavos - Urban Music In Kavos Corfu - HipHop RNB Dancehall Afrobeats Funkyhouse

Question: Tells us about Project K, we see teaser shots and material about it, we are interested to find out what it is all about!

Snobs Bar Kavos - Urban Venue In Kavos Corfu - Best Late Night Entertainment - HipHop RNB Music In Kavos

Question: Why should people choose you for their late night entertainment?

Answer: Snobs has been established since 1989 and till this day remains named as one of the best bars in Kavos. We've whipped up an off the hook cocktail menu to accompany our great music & awesome new team for this summer 2017. We're also now offering bottle packages, shisha's and great discounts for workers! These packages can be bought here in the VIP-SECTION of Party Abroad or come in-store and check them out for yourselves!

Snobs Bar Kavos - Urban Music Compilation - Music For Sale Snobs Bar Kavos Corfu

Question: Will you be recording your Live DJ sets ? If yes, where can people go to purchase / download your work ?

Answer: Yes it is possible for us to record our live sets and we are currently working on setting up a mixcloud/soundcloud to showcase these... there's also talks of a new snobs CD which will be available soon!

Snobs Bar Boat Party Kavos | Snobs Bar Pool Party Kavos | Snobs Bar Weekender | Snobs Bar Events | Snobs Bar Collaborations

Answer: Once again, I won't give too much away on this one as not everything is set in stone yet, but expect this summer 2017:

Snobs Urban Boat Party
Snobs Urban Pool Party
Snobs Urban Weekender

& a huge collaboration with Island Beach Resort! We're already arranging the Jamrock weekender together between the 21st to the 26th of June alongside artist management & collaboration for Island Beach Resort's very own Sandstorm & Island Breakout events!

Question: What is your opinion about other competing venues ? Do you favor any and why ?

Answer: I'm extremely fond of many venues in Kavos. Collaboratively we can turn Kavos into even more of a top holiday destination and I hope we can work strongly together to do this. I love how each venue has its own character and design from JC's old school indie rock theme with DJ Madfucker to Future's Super Club hosting off the hook events in collaboration with Trinity! The Barn also has great cocktails & offers finger licking food up until 12:00am! Once the night has come to an end, the ultimate wind down is at After's Beach Bar, you really can't go wrong after a long shift at work! I can go on, but let's keep this short and simple. Good luck to all the owners in the resort, wishing you all a very successful summer ahead!

Kavos Holiday Resort | Kavos Corfu Aerial Photography | Tourist Holidays In Kavos | Best Holidays In Greece | Amazing Summer In Kavos Corfu Greece

Question: What do you think of the Kavos resort & why should people choose it over other destinations?

Answer: The Kavos resort is one like no other. Over 50 bars/clubs line the strip, each with their own identity resulting in the ultimate party holiday! There are loads of great places to eat too with many different cuisines ranging from Greek to Chinese to Mexican and so on, this in my opinion is what makes Kavos, the diversity is great and as a resort can cater for the many, not the few! There's loads to do throughout the day too. Water sports, secret beach, pool parties, boat parties, crazy speedboat, go-karting, bowling, excursions, quad-biking, aqualand, Paxos and Anti-Paxos, I can go on but the list is never ending!

Kavos truly does change you as a person, it's an eye opener for many and I'm sure it's changed many people's lives! So if you haven't booked your holidays for this summer yet, get booking now and check it out for yourself!

Home / Blog / Arch / 2017 / Snobs Bar Interview

Home / Blog / Arch / 2017 / Snobs Bar Interview

Question: We've seen 'Ghetto Gentz' advertised quite frequently across your social media, who are they and what are they doing at Snobs?!

Answer: Ghetto gentz are a U.K based urban DJ duo. Their sole aim is to bring urban music to the masses. Every Ghetto Gentz set is full of energy and just down right mental! They will be making many appearances this summer at Snobs so make sure you pick up a Ghetto Gentz CD and the other merchandise they have to offer!

Answer: Project K are a full-service event management company coming out to do a take over at Snobs this summer!

Their weekender at Snobs will consist of a wide range of Urban DJ's, Acts & Performances along with themed nights, competitions and give aways!

Working alongside UK based radio stations they will be live streaming their DJ's sets all the way from Snobs Kavos back to the UK!

They're also bringing out loads of Project K branded goodies with them! From T-shirts to snapbacks, cd's, lanyards and even bandanas!

For more info check them out over our social media as well as their own '@theprojxctk'!

Question: There are rumors of Snobs collaborating with other businesses & hotels within Kavos, are they true ? If yes, what collaborations are set in stone ?

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