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Getting Pampered In Kavos

Posted on: July 15th, 2017

Words By: Tony Anderson

It ain't easy living the life that we live and being on the edge from running around the resort to capture every aspect of it can be tiresome, it was great news for everyone at Party Abroad that finally Kavos is getting it's own beauty and wellness center ! Who doesn't like being pampered and generaly relaxing in the hands of professionals ?

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Even though we visited and tried their amazing massages, while we were there, we saw an array of services that the wellness center offers to it's visitors, manicures, pedicures, hair cuts for both men and women but that is not all, the beauty salon specializes in hair and skin treatment, coloring, styling and much much more, we were happy with our massage though and it was the most blissful thing we did that day, we will be definitely going back for another sesh soon.

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Kavos Beauty and wellness center is situated right in the heart of the Kavos, it's location is very convenient, on the high street, behind Buzz Bar. The wellness center has a website where they showcase their services and contact details which you can use to book your selves an appointment, click below:

Alternatively you can visit their facebook page where the wellness center runs their promotional campaigns:

Facebook: Kavos Beauty Salon

Facial Treatment In Kavos Corfu | Skin Care In Kavos | Repair and Replenish Your Skin Whilst On Holidays In Kavos
Relax And Rejuvenate Your Mind And Body In Kavos Corfu

If you happen to visit the Wellness Center, mention this article and Party Abroad to receive a special deal or discount.

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