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Dining into the sunset at Falconera

Posted on: April 22, 2017

Words By: Tony Anderson

One of the main reasons we travel abroad year after year is to see and experience things that we can't when at home, one of those things happens to be the sea, what a majestic and wonderful sight for anyone's eyes, how peaceful and relaxed do we all feel when present at natures finest, another reason we travel abroad for is the sun, how nice it is to finally be able to walk around with very little to wear and absorb all that vitamin D. Falconera, a seaside restaurant in the heart of Kavos, offers all that plus some of the greatest meals you have ever tasted, this is not your typical seaside restaurant and it definitely has and identity of its own.

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Falconera Restaurant Kavos - Seaside Heaven - Healthy Food Kavos - Retrica Style Atmosphere - Kavos Quality Meals
Quality Seaside Experience Kavos - Best Meal Kavos Corfu - Flaconera Restaurant Kavos Corfu - Healthy meals by the sea

The story behind every successful restaurant is the same and so does the story of Falconera, the restaurant is a family run business that was established in the late 80's and it continues to stay a family affair, the love of healthy food and the spectacular view of the Kavos shore is well embedded into the younger generation that has taken over and you can taste that love in their dishes.

Falconera Kavos Corfu - Seaside Restaurant Kavos - Healthy Kavos Restaurants - Quality Food In Kavos - Spectacular View Of The Ocean In Kavos - Taste The Kavos Shore
Quality Food Kavos Corfu - Healthy Meals Kavos - Corfu Kavos Seaside Dining - Falconera Seaside Perfection - Relaxing Meals Kavos - Summer Flavors at Falconera
Falconera Kavos Corfu - Every Dish Made With Love Kavos Corfu - Seaside Heaven Kavos - Quality Lunch At Kavos - Best Day Out Kavos Corfu - Fantastic Meal In Kavos Corfu - Healthy Alternative Kavos

Even though the restaurants success was built on a strict seaside menu, the younger generation have added many new dishes that have really caught our attention, as you all know we are huge fans of a healthy living and we have come to love the new menu which has added many options for those who look after themselves but also many dishes for those of us who live on strict diets due to health issues. The majority of the produce is sourced from local farmers and so goes for the fish which we all love, the restaurant prides it's self that it makes everything from scratch, even the bread !

Fresh Food Kavos Corfu - Nothing Frozen Kavos - Falconera Restaurant Kavos - Everything Hand Made Food Kavos - Freshly Baked Meals Kavos - Quality Dining By The Sea Kavos Corfu - The Best Meal Ever Kavos
Falconera Kavos Restaurant - Fresh Fish Kavos Corfu - Shrimp Pasta Dish Kavos - Best Seafood on the resort Kavos
Fresh Cocktails In Kavos Corfu - Seaside Drinking - Kavos Best Cocktail Recipes - Falconera Restaurant Kavos
Dining into the sunset - Falconera Seaside Restaurant Kavos - The Best Sunset Meal Kavos Resort - Proper Holiday Experience Kavos Corfu Greece

Eating by the ocean is a very relaxing experience that should be enjoyed by many, time definitely flies when your dining into the sunset by the Kavos shore and the balcony view of the ocean offers tranquility that all of us seek during our holiday. The cocktail menu is not far behind and we found it fabulous, there is definitely alot of creativity behind it and the restaurant uses only fresh ingredients combined with top tier brands which we need to point out for those of you that care about what you drink.

Top Quality Cocktails In Kavos Corfu - Falconera Restaurant Fine Dining Kavos - Quality Experience in Kavos corfu - Best Cocktail Ingredients Kavos
Top Quality Cocktails In Kavos Corfu - Falconera Restaurant Fine Dining Kavos - Quality Experience in Kavos corfu - Best Cocktail Ingredients In Kavos
Top Quality Cocktails In Kavos  - Falconera Restaurant Fine Dining Kavos - Quality Experience in Kavos corfu - Best Cocktail Ingredients Kavos
Watermelon Drinks Kavos Corfu - Creative Bartending Kavos- Quality Cocktails Corfu Kavos - Best Drinks On The Beach In Kavos

There is many places on the resort that are worth your visit and Falconera should be on your list, this place has definitely a special place in our heart and during the summer you will find us visiting this place, by the balcony, next to the waves.

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