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Delicious Waves At Roussos

Posted on: June 19, 2016

Words By: Tony Anderson

Roussos has been right there on the beach since 1910, yes this beachside restaurant has been serving people for 106 years ! even though the restaurant specialises in seafood, Roussos offers the best selection of fresh and grilled foods that can satisfy both the capricious and the health-conscious guests. Roussos localy sources his seasonal ingridients which make his dishes burst with flavors of Greek summer.

Sandstorm Beach Party Kavos Avatar 2016
The Island Beach Resort Poolside
Sandstorm Event Venue Beach Side View

The quality of the food and drinks is amazing and the restaurant definitely has its own identity which is heavily influenced from Corfiot and Ionian values. Roussos prides about his dishes which are 5* in our opinion and the freshest fish can be found here which are prepared in recipes that Roussos has being using ever since the establishment of their seaside restaurant.

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Roussos is situated right by the Kavos Jetty and the view of the mediterranean coast is simply stunning ! Being right by the shore with the ocean breeze cooling you off on those hot summer evenings, some say they could taste the waves as they hit the sand. Roussos is not just your tipical seafood restaurant but more like an experience that needs to be added to everyones holiday.

Marc Kinchen Interviewed
Marc Kinchen During Performance
Marc Kinchen During Performance
Marc Kinchen During Performance

What is a holiday or what does it mean could be different from person to person but visiting a place like Roussos it redefined the meaning of holiday for us and we wish there was more of places like this around the resort.

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