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Terry's Greek & International Cuisine

Terry's is a restaurant thats run by the same family since 1979, its not a suprise given the experience gained over the years and been passionate about what they do the restaurant has won a place in alot of peoples hearts but also also they managed to win the Certificate of Excellence 2015 from trip advisor. The restaurant specialises in signature dishes from around the world but also has a soft spot for home made Italian pizzas. The restaurant bakes its pizzas in a traditional stone oven with proper wood and its definitely felt in every bite you take. The family uses good quality produce to ensure freshness in their dishes.

Terry's Taverna Kavos Entrance
Terry's Taverna Kavos Trip Advisor Award 2015
Terry's Taverna Kavos Inner Dining Room View

The restaurant has undergone many renovations throught the years and they always keep their image modern yet traditional and the interior gives the feeling of warmth which you expect to get when eating in your home. The customers that eat here leave comments of love in the restaurant's comments book and all you have to do is to visit this great place and add one of your own. The restaurant has its own facebook account that keeps intouch with its customers throughout the years and trip advisor is filled with heart loving comments from happy customers that have visited this place.

Terry's Taverna Kavos Happy Customers

If you do enventualy visit the Resort of Kavos then one meal out of the many that you will have should be spent in this place, see what all the fuss is about and give your holiday a dash of quality ! Hope to see your comments in the book next year when we visit the resort, Happy Holidays !

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Posted on: June 18, 2016

Words By: Tony Anderson

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