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Right Roasted At The Steak House

Posted on: May 27, 2016

Words By: Tony Anderson

The Steak House is one of a kind in its field of expertise which is meat cooked to perfection ! Unlike other restaurants the Steak House has managed to fill the appetites of every person that has ever steped foot inside and has kept everyone coming back for more ! The restaurant's success is not by accident but rather the result of a restaurant that mixes passion and immagination in every meal ! The restaurant's standards are high and they apply that in every aspect of their operation. The Steak House success has made it the resorts favorite place to eat, especialy for meat lovers !

The Steak House Kavos Flamming Grill

The restaurant is family run and its been passed on from generation to generation, you could even say this is a family affair and staking their reputation on it is not just a pickup line but rather the reality of how this family runs their business !

The Steak House Kavos Exterior Dining View

The restaurant's decor is tastefull and its menu is influenced from dishes that originate from the southern parts of north America. The family has a "Farm to Table" policy and the majority of its produce comes from local farmers which is the right way to go and it is worth pointing out since alot of us are pro for organic these days !

The Steak House Kavos Steak Dish

The meat is also localy sourced from livestock farmers from the northern parts of Greece where the animals grow in a free range enviroment ! The restaurant embraces localy sourced meat and produce and it is exactly what sets this restaurant apart from the Big corporate chain restaurants that put profit before quality. Since we are still lingering around the restaurants love for localy sourced products the next time you find your selves in the Steak House you should ask them for a glass of their local house wine.

The Steak House Kavos Artwork
The Steak House Kavos Happy Customers

The Steak House is located in "Ano Kokkinia" of Kavos and a map with all the restaurant and bar locations can be found on our website if you need it.

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