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Direct Flights From Belgrade to Corfu

Posted on: February 27th, 2023
Words By: Tony Anderson

A recent meeting took place at the parliament of Serbia between the Greek minister of tourism and the delegation team Serbian - Greek Friendship. Reason of the meet was to bolster relations between the two nations and establish tourism trade for both sides. Both countries agreed the need for a formal on the ground presence thus resulting in Serbia opening its first national tourist office in Athens and vice versa for Greece opening a national tourist office in Belgrade.

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Another positive result from this meeting is that starting this April, the national air carrier of Serbia will be performing frequent flights to 4 new Greek destinations. 6 weekly direct flights to Crete with an option to upgrade to 7 weekly flights from June. 

Corfu Airport News.jpg
Corfu Airport Gets Major Facelift

Besides Crete more direct flights were established for other Greek islands such as Rhodes which will be receiving two direct weekly flights but also the island of Corfu which will be receiving 2 direct weekly flights as well.

Corfu Airport Gets Refurbished.jpg

Besides establishing flights, the two nations also discussed other tourism hurdles such as mobile roaming charges and promoting winter tourism.

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