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Calendar Update 2023

Posted on: February 27th, 2023
Words By: Tony Anderson

Another great summer season awaits us and here at Party Abroad we have updated the majority of our booking calendar for 2023. More than 90% of our website is ready with only a few things left to be confirmed. Excursions, Vehicle Rentals, Activities and much more are open and ready for 2023 bookings.

Theos Boat Party Coalision.jpg
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The only section of our site that is still incomplete is the Kavos Party Calendar. Event organizers and party planners always provide us with early information during this time of year and for this reason in our Party Calendar you will find place holder cards labeled Awaiting Information and TBA (To Be Announced).

Trinity Awaiting Information Future Superclub Kavos.jpg
Awaiting Info And Artwork.jpg
Festival to be anounced.jpg

These place holder cards will be updated in the coming weeks when the event organizers have provided us with complete information about these events such as featured artists, timetable, venue location and of course pricing.

Home / Blog / Arch / 2023 / Calendar Update

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