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Sirocco Hotel Refurbishment

Posted on: February 27th, 2023
Words By: Tony Anderson

The winter season is always a time to relax and energize for the local community of Kavos but some take the opportunity to refine and refurbish their businesses for the upcoming summer and that is exactly what Sirocco Hotel did this year.

Siroco Hotel Kavos Poolside.jpg
Siroco Hotel Kavos Balcony View.jpg
Siroco Hotel Kavos Room Interior 02.jpg

Situated in the heart of resort, right by the Kavos shore, Sirocco this year had a major refurbishment to its rooms and amenities. New furniture, planning, design and layout has given this legendary hotel a breath of fresh air.

Siroco Hotel Kavos Room Interior 03.jpg
Siroco Hotel Kavos Room Interior 04.jpg

Every room has been redesigned and fitted with all the modern amenities that are necessary to make someone's stay a memorable one. Bathrooms built from the ground up, modern kitchenettes, refrigerators and air conditions are just a few of the many many changes.

Siroco Hotel Kavos Room Interior 01.jpg
Siroco Hotel Kavos Bathoom 02.jpg

Besides the interior changes of the hotel other areas such as outdoor terraces, pool, parking, laundry facilities and the bar/lounge have been upgraded also. If you have made it this far into our article and liked what you saw then don't hesitate and book your self a room at Sirocco Hotel this summer. More information and availability can be found at this link: Sirocco Hotel Kavos.

Home / Blog / Arch / 2023 / Sirocco Hotel

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