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Kavos Parties and Events 2021

Posted on: March 10th, 2021

Words By: Tony Anderson

Summer of 2020 was a devastating year not only for holiday makers but for party venues and event organizers aswell. With the government changing its stance on rules and regulations throughout last season, it was hard for venues and organizers to plan and host big events.

2021 Parties And Events In Kavos Corfu.j
Kavos Parties And Events 2021.jpg
Kavos 2021 Parties And Events.jpg

This summer the landscape for parties and events in Kavos looks much more promising given the vaccination plans for all of the islands inhabitants and the vaccinations that are taking place in the UK as we speak.

2021 Events And Parties In Kavos.jpg
Kavos 2021 Events And Parties.jpg
Kavos Parties Calendar 2021.jpg

Many popular weekly events such as Baywatch and Champagne Fridays have already announced their dates. Other major events like Superpaint, Mega Foam, Full Moon, White Project, Super Booze Cruise and Holi Powder have followed suit and have gone ahead with releashing their official dates.

Corfu Kavos 2021 Parties And Events.jpg

The only weekly events that we are still awaiting to be announced are the Trinity Parties that usually take place at Future SuperClub every Wednesday so stick around as more news regarding these parties will definitely be announced in the coming weeks.

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