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Activities And Excursions Update

Posted on: March 10th, 2021

Words By: Tony Anderson

We thought it would be helpful to announce that for summer 2021 all the activities and excursions are happening as per their schedule and that the same rules and guidelines that applied last year will continue to apply in 2021 also.

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For those that are not familiar with last year's rules and guidelines let us go over them so this year's visitors know. The majority of excursions this upcoming season will continue to follow Covid guidelines meaning passengers must be 6ft apart from each other and wearing face masks at all times while on the boat or the coach. All excursions either coach or boat will be operating at 50% capacity in order to assure sufficient space distance is available for those inside the coaches or onboard the boats. 

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The 50% capacity guideline is the culprit of the price hike for all coach and boat excursions as the cost for the tour operators to run these trips remains the same while only been allowed to take on half their pre-covid passenger allowance. Speed boat trips have seen the largest price hike as the speedboats usually have a maximum capacity of 20 to 24 people pre-covid and now they are been forced to take on a maximum of 10 to 12 people per trip.

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Activities will continue to happen also under last year's covid guidelines but as last year also this summer prices have remained the same as activities usually consist of much smaller participants who the majority of the time happen to be traveling in the same group and live in the same accommodation unlike big excursions that take on different people form different groups and resorts. Activities last summer saw a huge jump in bookings and where tough to get hold off as visitors had limited options to what was allowed and not allowed to do. If this season is anything like last summer with excursions operating at 50% capacity and no nightlife we are sure activities will be scarce to book during June, July and August.

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