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Deals & Packages For Groups

Posted on: March 10th, 2021

Words By: Tony Anderson

As you all know, we at Party Abroad are popular for custom excursion packages, group deals, private charters, stags, hen and weddings. Given the issues that have arrised with Covid, more and more groups have resorted in having private excursions, private boat trips and generally finding things to do just for them and their friends. 

Kavos Private Tours And Package
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Kavos Rafting River Acheron Activity And

We thought it would be great to write an article on this subject as many people now are traveling in groups and families and they are always trying to find things to do whilst not mixing with many other people. Last season was certanly the busiest when it came to private tours and tailored excursions. This season we are predicting the trend will only continue as Covid is still outthere. 

Deals Packages And Custom Kavos
Kavos Private Tours And Package
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If you are looking at making your own excursion or a tailored tour then we have many beautiful things to suggest to you like sightseeing of popular locations, visits to traditional villages, vineyard tours with wine tasting, fishing tours, walking tours and many many others. 

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If any of the above interests you or you are just looking for group deals on our already listed items then dont hesitated to contact us. Just visit our contact page and send us an email with your request.

Home / Blog / Arch / 2021 / Group Packages

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