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Arkoudilas Trail 2018

Posted on: January 24th, 2019

Words By: Tony Anderson

On Sunday the 25th of November 2018, the first Arkoudilas Trail was held with great success and participation. Despite weather conditions, the trail ran smoothly without any incidents.

1st ever Arkoudilas Trail 2018 starting from Kavos
Kavos Arkoudilas Trail 2018, South Corfu Runners
Arkoudilas Trail 2018 | Kavos Corfu

The trail consisted of two races, one being an 19km and the latter being 8km. The top 3 male winners in the 19km race were 1st place Kosmas Dafa 1:43:18, 2nd place Prokopis Arkoudis 1:45:18 and 3rd place Spyros Nikolouzos 1:45:30. In the same 19km race, the top 3 female winners were 1st place Marcella Van Hermert 1:57:18, 2nd place Tijana Panic 2:12:21 and 3rd place Andrean Youkoti 2:22:00.

Kavos 2018 | 1st Arkoudilas Trail | South Corfu Runners Club
Arkoudilas 19km Trail held with success at Kavos
Huge participation in 1st ever Arkoudilas Trail in Kavos 2018
Great Success at first ever Arkoudilas Trail held at Kavos Corfu

In the 8km race, the top 3 male winners were 1st place Angelos Mouchlianitis 0:43:06, 2nd place Spyros Spatoulas 0:43:55 and 3rd place Giannis Apergis. The top 3 female winners in the 8km race were 1st place Constantina Paizanou 0:57:05, 2nd place Franjesca Geogopali 0:58:04 and 3rd place Eleni Kouri 1:04:31.

Arkoudilas Trail at Kavos Corfu November 2018
Amazing moments at Arkoudilas Trail 2018 in Kavos
Running at Arkoudilas Trail 2018 held at Kavos
Big event for runners held at Kavos | Arkoudilas Trail 2018

The Arkoudilas trail was considered a great success and many people, groups and organizations deserved a big thank you for the support they provided in order to make the event happen. Hopefully we can meet again in 2019 for the 2nd Arkoudilas Trail.

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