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Corfu Island Dressed in White From Snow 2019.jpg

The Island Is Dressed In White

Posted on: January 24th, 2019

Words By: Tony Anderson

Just a few days ago the island of Corfu experienced the magic of snow. The locals are not familiar with such weather conditions and it was such a big surprise. Children found the event as an opportunity to play and have fun.

Snow at Liston Square on Corfu Island
Snow at Corfu Town disrupts traffic 2019
Liston Square at Corfu Looks Beautiful with snow 2019

Snow is very rare on the island of Corfu. The last time its snowed this much was 30 years ago. Issues with traffic and freezing water pipes where among the biggest challenges everyone faced during the snowfall.

Heavy snowfall at Kavos and Corfu 2019

Despite the difficulties though most of the locals seemed pleased by the event and spent some of their time making snowmen and taking pictures with their spouses. For all they know, the next snowfall could take another 30 years.

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Home / Blog / Arch / 2019 / Snow In Corfu

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