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Mega Foam Party in Kavos Corfu

Foam Party Nostalgia

Posted on: January 24th, 2019

Words By: Tony Anderson

Now that the Christmas and New Years fiesta is over, its time to start planning for the summer. Not many months left till it is here and we are going through our portfolio from all the events we attended last year.

Epic scenes from the Mega Foam Party at Atlantis Kavos
Fun under the sun in the biggest foam party in Kavos
Why do girls love the Mega Foam Party in Kavos

We spotted some amazing moments that we spent at the Mega Foam Party. If you wanted to party under the sun on a Wednesday then this was the event to be. House tunes, free bar and unlimited foam, it was a blast for everyone.

The best crowd in Kavos is always at the Mega Foam Party
Tons of foam blasted at Atlantis every Wednesday in Kavos

Even though the biggest events kickoff around midnight, partying in your swimwear whist sipping on your favorite cocktail at 4pm was the best way to jumpstart your day.

Where do girls party in Kavos ?
Boys being boys at the Mega Foam Party at Atlantis arena in Kavos
Daytime party in Kavos at the Atlantis beach venue
Tan, drink and party in the day at Atlantis in Kavos

Just a little over a 100 days till we are back at it again. New year, new faces, new friends and more foam is what we are looking forward too. Summer 2019 cant come fast enough.

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