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Passione Rossa Corfu Show v2.0

Posted on: July 1st, 2019

Words By: Tony Anderson

Just like last year, this year the famous Ferrari owners club Passione Rossa gave a spectacular show in the heart of Corfu island. If you are not familiar with the Passione Rossa Club and it's President Fabio Barone then you can visit our last year's article where we talk in detail. CLICK HERE

Passione Rossa Corfu Ferrari Car Show 20
Ferrari Owners Club Passione Rossa Corfu
Corfu Ferrari Car Show 2019 Passione Ros

This year's car show was even more spectacular as there was plenty of new members and Ferrari vehicles. The show lasted 3 days during the last week of June and there were plenty of surprises and giveaways to the crowd. 

Corfu Island Ferrari Car Show 2019.jpg
Sirens Dance Club At Corfu Ferrari Car S
Ferrari Car Show In Corfu 2019 Passione

Besides the massive crowd of locals and tourists, local and nationwide media where there to broadcast the event. More than 40 luxury Ferrari cars where on display during the event.

Ferrari Car Show 2019 Passione Rossa cor

The atmosphere in Corfu town was festive and lovers of Ferrari cars arrived in droves from all over the the country to attend the club's second visit.

Corfu Car Show Passione Rossa Ferrari Ow

Passione Rossa along with the local organizers have yet again delivered a very memorable show. Hopefully the island of Corfu gets third time lucky and the club visits us again very soon.

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