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Kavos Weather Expectations 2024

Posted on: February 24th, 2024
Words By: Tony Anderson

The weather in Kavos has always been in its favor throughout the years which is one of the key ingredients that makes this destination so popular. May, September and October have the most pleasant temperatures while June, July and August are the hottest and preferable months for sunseekers.

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May typically has temperatures that range between 14° and 24° Celsius and will only see 3 days of rain. June has temperatures between 17° and 29° Celsius and only sees 1 day of rain. July is the hottest summer month with temperatures between 20° and 34° Celsius and has only 1 rainy day which isn't a full day of rain, just a few hours would be more precise.


August is the 2nd hottest summer month with temperatures between 20° and 32° Celsius and also has one day of rain. When it does rain its typically tropical rain meaning it comes down hard and fast. If you are caught in the rain expect to be drenched within just a couple of seconds.

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September while considered autumn it is actually hotter than May. Temperatures during September are between 17° and 28° Celsius and has typically 4 days of rain. October is much more like May with temperatures that range between 14° and 23° Celsius but has more days with rain than May. October usually sees 7 days of rain.

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