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Private Boat And Yacht Frenzy

Posted on: February 24th, 2024
Words By: Tony Anderson

The last 3 years the private boat, speedboat and yacht market has grown in size unlike anything we have seen in the decade before 2020. Multiple companies, big and small have vested large sums of capital in this ever growing market.

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The main catalyst for the rapid growth after 2020 was of course none other than the Covid pandemic. The restrictions of keeping people in small groups and limiting the number of passengers on the larger cruise ships sparked the frenzy for investment in smaller capacity boats, speedboats and yachts. While we here at Party Abroad have always offered rental capability of small boats that could be driven by yourself without the need of a special license and hiring a yacht with a dedicated captain and crew, these are only the two far ends of the boat world. The middle ground between these two points is what grew rapidly in the last 3 years.

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Boats and speedboats of all shapes, sizes and build materials are now populating this ever growing middle ground between the budget and luxury categories. If you are someone that could never settle for the budget options but also found the luxury category out of reach then there has never been a better time in Corfu's Boat Rental Market for someone like you. At the moment of writing this article, here at Party Abroad we only offer budget and luxury options but we will soon expand our selection.

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The key differences to remember in the boat world are:
Boat usually means 3 to 8 people, small engine 20hp to 120hp. Outer body could be polyester, plastic or inflatable rubber. Can be driven by you or have one captain onboard. Speedboat usually means 8 to 16 people, medium engine 120hp to 250hp. Outer body can be polyester, plastic or inflatable rubber. Always come with a captain. Luxury speedboat usually means 16 to 24 people, large twin engines 250hp x2 and upwards. Outer body exclusively made from polyester or other high end materials. Always come with a captain and a second or more staff.

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