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Seaplane Flights to Begin in Corfu

Posted on: February 24th, 2024
Words By: Tony Anderson

A project that has been sitting on ice for over a decade is finally becoming a reality. Hurdles and obstacles that delayed the fruition of seaplane flights have been overcome and the first commercial take off is planned around May 2024.

Seaplane flights to start in 2024 at Corfu Island.jpg
Seaplane flights begin at Corfu Island in Greece.jpg
Seaplane flights at Corfu in Greece.jpg

Initially the plan is to connect with Corfu the Diapontia islands which are Mathraki, Othoni, and Erikousa but other islands such as Paxos are planned for seaplane flights also. Commercial seaplanes of 8, 12 and 19 passenger sizes are been considered as they are targeting an 80 euro ticket fair for flights that are 30 minutes or less.

Seaplane flights at Corfu Island 2024.jpg
Seaplane Flights Corfu Greece 2024.jpg
Seaplane flights Corfu 2024.jpg

We mentioned above "initially" the plan is to connect these islands with seaplane flights that run frequently throughout the year but the business ambitions are much larger. Private charters and sightseeing flights that could be fueled by tourism are also in the works as niche private tours over famous attractions and other entertainment flights will greatly expand this industry's revenue.

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