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DJ EZ At Future Superclub | Trinity 2018

Posted on: May 10th, 2018

Words By: Tony Anderson

News like this is always a good reason to write and spread the word. The trinity team has yet again sealed an act that we are happy to announce. DJ EZ, a pioneer in garage, will be performing this summer at Future Superclub.

DJ EZ - Kavos Events 2018 - Future Superclub Kavos - Trinity 2018
DJ EZ At Kavos Corfu - DJ EZ Set to perform at Future Superclub Kavos
DJ EZ Set to Perform At Future Superclub Kavos - Trinity 2018

DJ EZ is one of the most creative, innovative and technical mixers on the dance circuit something which has earned him the position as the UK’s #1 garage DJ. He is a true bastion of his genre and his unique live performances are a must see for all garage, bass and electronic music lovers alike.

Trinity Brings DJ EZ To Future Superclub In Kavos Corfu

DJ EZ has been heard by a countless number of listeners, as he enjoyed a 14 year run of success on the highly rated radio station Kiss 100. He has released an extensive list of mix CDs for the popular Pure Garage CD collection, and has worked with some very talented and reputable artists.

DJ EZ will be perforning at Future Superclub in Kavos - A Trinity 2018 Event

DJ EZ's popularity garnered him a huge following which was cemented by the success of ‘Pure Garage’, the first of a series of compilations mixed by DJ EZ, which remains the UK’s biggest selling Garage compilation series to date selling over 2 million copies


Home / Blog / Arch / 2018 / DJ EZ at Future

Home / Blog / Arch / 2018 / DJ EZ at Future

The Trinity events this year are truly amazing and DJ EZ is just one of many. We cannot wait for his magical performance on the 11th of July at Future Superclub. If you are interested in going then click the buttons below.

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