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Footbal Madness Throught The Resort Of Kavos - England VS Sweden Match Packs Every Bar In Kavos With Football Fans

Football Madness Throughout The Resort

Posted on: July 8th, 2018

Words By: Tony Anderson

This year's World Cup has been an emotional ride for football fans around the world. Major teams from around the globe have missed their opportunity to hold the ultimate trophy in their hands but among those still left in the game, hopes are high, including those of England's.

The Pulse Bar In Kavos Maxes Out As English Fans Jam The Place Ahead Of Crusial Match Between England And Sweden
English Girls In Kavos Ditch Bikinis For English Flags Ahead Of World Cup Match
Beer Taps Run Dry In Kavos As English Football Fans Gather To Watch England VS Sweden Match

English fans rallied to the local bars and pubs to watch the important match and show support to their national team. English girls put their sunbathing on hold as they ditched their bikinis for English flags and their boys swapped their holiday shirts for their national teams attire.

English Tourists In Kavos Take A Break From Sunbathing To Show Support To Their National Team Ahead Of World Cup Match

Every bar and pub where maxed out and in many cases fans literally sat on the floor. Beer taps where close to running dry as yesterdays win against Sweden had everyone celebrating and rightfully so.

English Fans Using Bowling Lanes For Seating As Pulse Bar In Kavos Maxes Out During World Cup Match

Yesterday was a good day for England and a great day for English football fans. The celebrations in Kavos remained civilized without any major incidents like the ones that took place in Benidorm. Video Below displays incidents that took place in Benidorm after yesterday's win against Sweden.

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