The Steakhouse Brings Us The Tomahawk

Posted on: June 6th, 2018

Words By: Tony Anderson

One of the first restaurants to open in Kavos this season was off-course The Steakhouse and we had to pay them a visit to check them out. The restaurant has done plenty of touch-ups to its decor and has infused their menu with plenty of new dishes.

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The Steakhouse Kavos Corfu | Restaurant Decor | Where To Eat in Kavos

Looking among the new dishes our eyes noticed the Tomahawk Steak, a monster of a steak we were told and we were up for the challenge. Upon its arrival, the Tomahawk steak was simply the biggest steak we have ever come across. A whopping 2.2 pounds of tender fresh meat cooked to perfection.

The Tomahawk Steak At the Steakhouse in Kavos Corfu | What To Eat In Kavos Corfu

This Steak was literally breakfast, lunch and dinner on one plate. We got nervous and started laughing for no reason, we could not believe our eyes, we were in steak-heaven.

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The steak was delicious and the aromas from the herbs and spices used were perfect. Besides the amazing flavor the steak was juicy and cooked exactly to our liking. Big thumbs up to the chef for the perfect medium rare serving.

DJ EZ will be perforning at Future Superclub in Kavos - A Trinity 2018 Event

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This steak is the best dish we have eaten so far and we will definitely visit for another round. If you are a steak fan then The Steakhouse in Kavos is the place for you. By the way, don't forget to checkout their Man vs Food challenge where you could win a Free T-shirt.